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English - Catalan

Català / Catalan

How to say Bari dialect in Catalan?


Catalan - English

What does Barés (Catalan) meanin English?

Com dir Barés en anglès?

Bari dialect

English - Spanish

Español / Spanish

How to say Bari dialect in Spanish?

Dialecto barese

Spanish - English

What does Dialecto barese (Spanish) meanin English?

¿Cómo decir Dialecto barese en Inglés?

Bari dialect

English - French

Français / French

How to say Bari dialect in French?


French - English

What does Barése (French) meanin English?

Comment dire en anglais Barése?

Bari dialect

English - Italian

Italiano / Italian

How to say Bari dialect in Italian?

Dialetto barese

Italian - English

What does Dialetto barese (Italian) meanin English?

Come a dire Dialetto barese in inglese?

Bari dialect

English - Latin

Latina / Latin

How to say Bari dialect in Latin?

Dialectus Bariana

Latin - English

What does Dialectus Bariana (Latin) meanin English? Bari dialect

English - Hungarian

Magyar / Hungarian

How to say Bari dialect in Hungarian?

Bari dialektus

Hungarian - English

What does Bari dialektus (Hungarian) meanin English?

Hogyan mondjuk Bari dialektus angolul?

Bari dialect